[Transformation Tuesday] Meet Michelle and Alicia: Proof fitness is better with a friend

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When did you join Fitaholic?

April 2023

What were your goals when joining Fitaholic?

Alicia: Get back in shape and feel like ourselves again! I was in shape from Fitaholic two years ago when I got pregnant with my third but then got out of shape… So I wanted to get back in shape! 

Michelle: I already had had my kids–my third was 3 already {when I joined}, and I was way out of shape and needed to get back in shape. Alicia called me and said we should go and join the gym!…

Alicia: And I told her I need to go at 5 a.m. so I hope that’s ok…

Michelle: 6 days/week!… 

What was your exercise routine like before joining?

Alicia: I didn’t really have one before…

Michelle: Running around after kids?

Alicia: I was part of Fitaholic 2 years prior before I had my third baby and just didn’t have the time on top of caring for my other two kids as well. 

Michelle: Everything I had tried would fall through. I would try things here or do things there but I was always so busy with kids so I didn’t really have anything consistent. 

What body transformation results have you achieved?

Alicia: A lot! 56 lbs and 23% body fat.

Michelle: And I’m down 58 lbs and 27% body fat.

Alicia: I actually have abs for the first time in my life which – even in high school I didn’t have – so that’s pretty cool. I fit into clothes that I haven’t fit into in a really long time… I just feel more confident! And those cute little crop tops that are in right now? I can feel confident wearing them now!

Michelle: It’s been fun to buy workout clothes because we kept going down {in size} so each time we got to go shopping again!

What non-scale victory(ies) have you been most excited about throughout this journey?

Alicia: I can run a mile without having to stop and walk which is pretty cool because I am not a runner. We did the Murph and made it through which was amazing!

Michelle: Keeping up with kids! We each have 3 kids and it’s hard work! We’re constantly running around after them and driving them, taking then to stuff and it gets tiring. So now that we’re in shape we can go out and play with them, get up off the couch and and keep up with them! So that’s been really fun!

Michelle: Another thing that’s been really awesome is my arms! I’ve never had arms before! So it’s kinda cool to wear tank tops in the summer now. It’s been such a victory–I finally feel so comfortable in my own skin!

Alicia: I sleep a lot better now! I feel like I can actually sleep all night instead of before I would get up every hour and toss and turn!

What are you most proud of about your transformation / fitness journey?

Alicia: Sticking with it for this long and achieving every goal that we’ve set. We’re in competition… kinda… with each other but also are biggest cheerleaders for each other and wanting one another to just really be successful!

Michelle: I couldn’t do this without her! She got me into the gym and then I’ve continued going to the gym not only for the classes because they are so fun, and they’re so different, but also because she is right there on the cell phone with me like, “We’re going tomorrow! We’ve got to get this in!”  It’s so fun to have a partner you can really lean on!

What’s your ‘why’? What gets you to the gym most days?

Alicia: Well we love it here for one! Fitaholic is amazing — the community here is great! We love the music!

Just wanting to be there for our kids and be healthy and set a good example for our kids. Our daughters are gymnasts and our boys are active, too. They’re all super busy just wanting to make sure we can keep up with them.

Michelle: Putting in hard work. We both knew we could do this. And it was hard! It wasn’t like it was easy — there were some days we didn’t want to come into the gym. Or we were tired. Or were just busy with life. But it feels really good after a workout to just give it your all! It’s our one moment – our one hour – just to ourselves! And you feel so good afterwards–it just starts out the day. It’s my new routine and I just love it!

What keeps you as a member at Fitaholic?

Alicia: The community, the group, the group fitness aspect of it. The results, (obviously)! The accountability with each other. The fact that I have her here really helps.

Michelle: The people are amazing–that’s one thing that I didn’t expect: I thought I’d just come in, do my workout, get in shape. But I’ve met a lot of great people! There’s so much to do here, there’s challenges, the classes are different throughout the weeks, and you’re never bored, there’s always something new, something interesting.

Alicia: It’s always changing! And it’s nice because – even people you didn’t know before – if you’re gone for a work trip or sick or something, when you come back they’re like, “Where have you been? How are you?” Which is really cool.

What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about joining?

Alicia: Just do it!

Michelle: DO IT! I was that person a year ago, sitting on the couch, I was over 50 lbs heavier, I was tired, I didn’t have energy and I wanted a change. I was scared, I was nervous, but I just jumped in and did it. You’re not going to regret it — it’s so much fun. We love it –we’re hooked!


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