Meet the Trainers: Leah S.

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Meet the Team | 0 comments

New on the mic this week? Leah! Get to know a little more about our resident ray of sunshine!
Why did you become a group fitness instructor / personal trainer?
I became a personal trainer because of my love of health, fitness and all things that make us the best humans we can be! To be given the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it is big or small is absolutely amazing.
What drew you to Fitaholic?
Fitaholic encompasses what I think and believe a fitness lifestyle should look like. The way we teach/instruct, the types of classes we offer and the sense of community.
Describe your coaching style… // What should people expect in a 45-minute class with you?
Leah as an instructor….. You can expect a class of fun, high energy. Lots of guidance and corrections to help each member excel and stay away from injury. Classes will be challenging but rewarding!
Do you have a favorite quote you lean on? // Personal mantra?
Live life to the fullest each day. and… Health is the key to happiness. So… pretty much trying to live in my positive bubble… look at the world in a positive way, live in a positive way and give in a positive way!
Favorite way to work out?
My favorite way to workout is with my peeps at Fitaholic. Outside the gym I love walking and hiking.
My music style is…
My favorite genre of music is grunge 90’s! I am a music lover, so I have many genres that I truly enjoy. I will even admit to liking a tiny bit of country music now… just recently now… not high school when my besties loved it!


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